Time to return Summer Reading Challenge forms!

The school holidays have seen many of our Hillcrest Christian College students complete the DC Summer Reading Challenge. We thank these students for their commitment to personally taking responsibility for their learning journey;

  • Oscar Humphries
  • Dulanitha Mendis
  • Prithvii Sathies
  • Jinuki Binara Weerasinha
  • Charlie Maher
  • Maddy Maher
  • Johnny El-Khalil
  • Darren Raguo
  • Tia Sehgal
  • Heather Stephenson

Reading is an essential life skill. Research shows that learning to read is one of the most important factors in school success and that an early exposure to books and stories substantially contributes to success in early literacy.  There are strong links between literacy, school performance, self-esteem and life chances with poor literacy skills being linked with lower education, earnings, health and social outcomes.

It often surprises people to learn that Australia has a significant literacy issue.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that 44% of Australian adults don’t have the literacy skills they need to cope with the demands of everyday life and work.

Literacy transforms lives!

All Summer Reading Challenge winners will be awarded a certificate at their assemblies on Monday – so make sure you return your reading logs this week!

Mrs Nye



Discovery Centre Closed after School

Dear Parents, 

As per the handout we supplied to students from last week, please note that the Discovery Centre is closed on Wednesday 14th September and Thursday 15th September after school due to Parent Teacher Interviews being in progress.

We ask that you  make an alternative arrangement for your children after school on these days as the college duty of care finishes at 3:45pm. 

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The DC Team 


Soraya Nicholas visits Hillcrest!

Next Monday, Soraya Nicholas will be visiting Hillcrest and our Equestrian centre with students from Grade 5, 6 and some select students from Grade 4.


As a horse crazy girl, Soraya dreamt of owning her own pony and riding every day. For years, pony books like The Saddle Club had to suffice, until the day she finally convinced her parents to buy her a horse.

There were plenty of adventures on horseback throughout her childhood, and lots of stories scribbled in notebooks, which eventually became inspiration for Soraya’s very own pony series.

Soraya now lives with her husband and children on a small farm in her native New Zealand, surrounded by four-legged friends and still vividly recalling what it felt like to be 10 years old and head over heels in love with horses. 

She will be here Period Three and Four and will be staying for a VIP lunch with the winners from our ‘Soraya Nicholas’ competition. The winners will get to ride our horses here at Hillcrest as well as enjoy the lunch they bring with Soraya. Pictures and updates from this event will be published next week!

Read to Me! Club: Heather Maslen

This week we had grade one teacher Heather Maslen join us in the read to me chair and read her favourite book, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak.


The puppets were out and we got to reading the classic story together! As a special treat, we also read Nick Blands’ ‘The Very Noisy Bear’ which was a riot enjoyed by the parents as well as the younger children!


Just a reminder

that there will be Read to Me! Club next Wednesday (14th September) in the last week of term as there will be Parent Teacher Interviews in Progress. Any of the books you borrowed in this weeks session are only due back AFTER the holidays. If you wish to return them and borrow new ones for the holidays, please do so on the Tuesday.

Happy Reading!

The DC Team

Book Week Wrap Up

What an AMAZING end to Book Week! We have been so blessed and privileged to continue with our Annual Book Week festivities as well as incorporating a literature festival into the mix!


Our Class parades on Monday and Friday were spectacular, with all the students (and parents) putting in so much effort and creativity into their costumes. It was so clear from our multiple winners in each category that judging is extremely difficult. All the students should be so proud of themselves and start thinking about their costumes for next year.


Our Morning tea’s for all the prize winners included cupcakes, cordial and free scholastic book prizes! All well deserved.


The literature festival was extremely successful and we cannot wait to do it all again next year. We hope your children came home and discussed the workshops they had with Corinne Fenton, Claire Saxby, and George Ivanoff, especially if they were in Junior or Middle School. Claire and George shared some excerpts from their new and not yet released works! Needless to say there are no available books by either of them to borrow for a few weeks!

Our Senior school students were treated to Abe Nouk, an incredibly vibrant and inspiring Slam Poet. He engaged and encouraged them to not treat life as a fairy tale but have faith to believe that what you dream can become a reality. His workshops challenged student perspective, encouraging them to use various sentence starters in order to produce thought provoking letters to their younger and future selves. His focus on life, faith and literacy were visible and clear. Who knows? Any of these drafts could become published works in the future!

Years 6 and 8 were in hysterics from the very first minute with Stig Wymss (most loved narrator of Bolinda Audio Books) performed his wildly entertaining; ‘Stig! live @ the library’. The students were enthralled by his every word and they amazed us with their confidence to be involved in the presentation. His rendition of ‘Chubby Bubby’ had students in stitches and the hour he was with us was not long enough.


More posts to come in the next few weeks! We encourage you to discuss the workshops and presentations with your children as they are all fantastic learning and development opportunities for them. Develop creative story writing with them from the junior workshops, or poetry writing from Abe, or even simple oral presentation skills that they might have picked up from Stig. The possibilities are endless!

You can see more of our photos from the Parades and the entire week in our Gallery!

Happy Reading,

The DC Team



Pop Up Book Library @ Read to Me! Club

Attention all Parents!

Our Book Week Literature Festival is well underway, with many of your children already enjoying workshops headed by Claire Saxby and Corrine Fenton. Their book parades are still to come on Saturday so if you need a book, make sure to come and borrow one!

Amidst these festivities we are extremely excited about our weekly R2M! Club!

This week, we will be treated to a pop up book library from Christian School Supplies to be purchased after our reading! This is a fantastic opportunity to browse or shop some wonderful, Christian inspired books that you can share with your children at home. Eftpos and Cash would be available.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Discovery Centre Team

BOOK WEEK AUGUST 22nd – 26th 2016

Dear Parents, 

Book Week is not far away and it’s time to start thinking about what your little literary look-a-like wants to be this year!

Previous years have seen some truly authentic and genius costumes with minimal amount of effort put in, so if that is something that is unnerving for you, have no fear! Some of the best costumes a thrown together with items from the closet or your local Salvation Army.

While it is not compulsory for your child to dress up, we do encourage participation in this area, so they don’t miss out and they begin to understand the importance of taking part in school and community activities. We would very much appreciate your support in this!

In case you forgot, here are the days where the book parades are happening for specific classes:

Grade 5-6 P1-P2 on Monday 22nd August

Grade Prep-2 P1-P2 Friday 26th August

Grade 3-4 P3-P4 Friday 26th August

You are always welcome to join us and see the parades happen! The parades in P1 & P2 will start at 9am and finish at 11am. The parades in P3 & P4 will start at 11:30am and finish at 1pm. We look forward to seeing those who can make it in the PAT. You can view the program on our Crest Connect page under the ‘Parent Resource’ section.

It will be a wonderful week, with many guest authors and illustrators having workshops with each of the classes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and see us in the DC!

Have a blessed Week, 

The Discovery Centre Team


Read to Me! Club: Liane Barry

In the spirit of the Olympics we had Mrs Liane Barry of Prep B reading about our favourite selfish Pug. Pig the Winner! Aaron Blabey is a go to for the students and his unique illustration style is always appreciated by the young and old here in the DC!


Mrs Barry did a fabulous job of telling the tale of a sore loser and a terrible winner that was Pig, though he always get his comeuppance in the end! The junior room was filled with laughter as Pig tried all the tricks in the book to win dirty, but ended up swallowing his bowl and falling into the trash instead! I think everyone learnt their lesson, the Olympic spirit isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about having courage and honestly trying to be your best!


We hope that you all continue to watch and support the athletes at the Olympics! Whether they be from Australia or from any country close to you or your family, enjoy the time with your children and remember that we have plenty of books on the Olympics here in the DC for borrowing! Happy reading and watching!

Read to Me! Club: Joanna Wiggs

This read to me club was a special one as we celebrated the  87th birthday of the beloved author Eric Carle, writer of the classic ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  Many of us grew up reading this story and it is always such a special moment when we get to share it with younger students.


Eric Carle has written several books, many of which we have here in the DC. Come and borrow some and enjoy his unique illustrating style and innovative layout of stories. 

Reading today was Preps very own Mrs Joanna Wiggs, who many of our little read to me members recognised as their teacher! Having our staff come and share reading with us each week is truly a blessing to us and hopefully for you as parents also!


Next week, we see the very much anticipated return of DC director Michelle Nye! The team have missed her dearly and so has the Read to Me Club! family! We can’t wait!

Have a blessed week and remember to keep on reading!

Read to Me Club! Daniel Whalan

IMG_4983This week we were treated with the presence of Mr Daniel Whalan, a grade four teacher. He shared with us the somewhat somber story of the Great Rock Whale. The tale follows the Rock Whale, the only of his kind, alone so long that he takes a nap that lasts lifetimes. When he awakes his song finally finds his family! But he has slept so long, he has become part of the Rock! Unable to move, the Great Rock Whale settles for seeing them once a year as the seasons move, spraying sea foam from his blowhole as a celebration.


Although it may seem a little sad, the Whale had learnt to love his place in the world and was confident in what he could offer it. Many people came to see him every year and that brought great joy to his Whale family and the human community. Perhaps this message of hope and discovery is something you could share and discuss during reading time tonight!